Spirituality ( Adhyatm)

Shri Krishn: My Hero

My Dear friends many of you who knows Hindi as well as English must be thinking that both the words are same in meaning but the fact is that the word "adhyatm" is more deep in meaning as and when compared to the word spiritual, Adhyatm is formed from two sanskrit words the first one is Adhyan i.e. to study and the second is Aatm i.e. self, so when you combine these two words it means self analysis or say introspection, spiritual on the other hand is not have any definitive meaning, and in fact used in a very vague manner.

Adhyatm has helped me, that is my quality of self analysis has helped me out and not spirituality, but in order to do right self analysis we need to understand the basics and these basics are unfortuantely not taught in our schools and it is very rare to find a person who can help you in your quest of self analysis, on a personal front I never met a person who can help me in this regard, but I was deeply helped by " Bhagwad Geeta" written by Shri Ved Vyasa and orated by Shri Krishna 1000's of year back, and frankly this is the most important benefit of being a human that you can store your thoughts in writing and that can be read even after 1000's of years of your death.

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