Mental Health

Robert Enke German Footballer

People suffering from mental illness doesn't look like what we see in movies or TV soap, above picture is of a German footballer who suffered from depression, he was not weak what he has achieved in his life not many can even dream about it, and he looked just perfectly fine, he committed suicide.

In this section of my blog I have shared my notes on mental disorder which I have prepared during the time when I was suffering  badly, you can go through them one by one, in these I have tried to analyse and identify the characteristic of depression as depression is not just a one dimensional problem in fact it is multidimensional problem which affects a individual capacity in handling his sorrows of life but also anger, anxiety, sexuality and many other aspects, in fact it affected my physical qualities too I was unable to write and was also not able to speak in a loud voice, I use to feel shaky and frightened. I have mentioned that in a video which I have shared in this blog itself.

There is no test for mental illness and there is no physical symptoms and hence the person generally doesn't able to distant himself from his disorder, he thinks about his problem as very genuine and blame his/her past responsible for this, which is actually not and I can so confidently because I am living a totally healthy life without taking any medicine at all.

1) Depression

2) Characterstic Of Borderline Personality Disorder

3) A sense of how it's like to be BPD

4) Realise the magnitude of mental Health

5) Mental Health at a Glance

6) My Symptoms

7) Medication I took 1

8) Medication I took 2

9) Medication I took 3

10) Medication I took 4

11) Side effect of medicine, Initially I mentioned lamotrigine only and I have also mentioned that how combination of taking Lithium carbonate along with sodium valproate helped me countering these side efect but those side effect reappeared after a span of almost a year.