How Food Cures

In today's era  we hear a lot regarding the bad effects of eating fast food and I always use to wonder what exactly is fast food and how they are different from normal food, as whenever I use to hear about fast food it has a picture of burger, but after all burger has a bread which we eat at home and has chicken or any other form of cutlet which my mom also use to make on a regular basis.

As I fell ill  with depression, I use to feel like my soul is being separated from my body, I use to feel like my heart is going to implode and my thought process use to run very fast, neither my brain nor my heart were in my control, it is at this time that I felt that I am different from this body, I am not this mind, I am not this heart I am some thing different, I started reading Bhagwat Geeta as I wanted to know what did Shri Krishn told to Arjun and what is so special about it, in fact so special that Shri Krishn is considered God, and which have remain in existence since last so many years.

As I felt the essence of Bhagwat Geeta I realised that we are eating wrong food, I told my parents that my illness is due to wrong eating habits of ours, but I didn't realise that which aspect of food is wrong, this is the same food that I have been eating through childhood and so far it was not so bad, I realise this when I was 19 years old but it was only through Facebook after almost 11 years that I first time heard the word gluten, thanks to the live feed of FB on which a lady stated that the person who has lactose intolerance may also be having gluten intolerance and that day change it all.

I realised that today every food that is consumed in modern household is actually nothing but a fast food, we have stopped soaking lentils, we have stopped fermenting dough, we have stopped eating ghee and we have started cooking food especially oil at such a high temperature, that food which we consume is just filling the stomach and just somehow managing to give us some nutrients or say energy.

I always tell my friend that no matter how expensive car you have, if you fill it with kerosene instead of petrol it will not perform, the same thing is with your body too, it wants food and not some junk,

 I am sharing with you some of the links on eating habits which I have made and I hope that these will be of some  help to  all of you, though at no.1 is philosophy of geeta which use to give a glimpse of hope whenever I use to be upset.

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5) Why lentils should be soak in water

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8) Why we should not cook food in too much oil

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10) Don't cook oil at extreme high Temperature

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  1. Yes. I think you are onto things. I think sour dough is also good. I'm glad your parents are helping you to maintain this food regimen.