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                                                            Myself after following GFCF Diet or say healthy diet weighing 82 KG

Myself before following GFCF diet or Healthy diet weighing 60 Kg                                  

Hi, Myself Sumit Bhattacharya, I am a Chemical Engineer by profession, I am from India, I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder (My Symptoms) in the year 2002 while I was still doing my engineering, by a bunch of so called doctors, I was told that I have chemical imbalance in my mind and that I will never be perfectly alright, some doctor told that it is due to genetics and some told me that might be I have taken too much of tension and because of that my nerves are damaged,  I was told not to have too high ambition and frankly speaking I believed them, I have totally given up,  medicine were having too many side effect, I have mentioned in side effect, I wanted to die, I never use to beg for anything from god but this disorder forced me to beg for Death. I suffered while taking medicine for close to 12 years.

The reason I didn't committed suicide was not that I was brave but the fact that I was afraid, that " If I didn't die in the attempt and rather become more crippled "  or the thought that "I don't want to die crying like a shit and with so much of fear" these thoughts always pulled me back from doing the unreasonable, this was I think nature gift to me that I use to be afraid, many people don't have the fear.

But today I am as strong as Himalayas definitely mentally and physically I am just the other guy in you or your neighbour, in this blog I have shared my story with you, how right eating make me strong I will be sharing my thought process, as a literature as well as videos through this blog. I will be sharing what are the changes I have made in my diet and I will also show the video of preparation of my food, and the best part is that it will all be for Free yes no charges, you can just bookmark my page and can check for the updates.

When I didn't find help by visiting many doctors in India, I started looking for support online as an Ayurvedic medicine has shown some benefit but it too have lots of side effect as Ayurveda is basically a scattered science today. I tried to contact NIMH USA only to find out that they if not more are almost as corrupt as the Indian counterpart.

But all well that's end well, I have added a button of subscribe through paypal, basically I was looking for some donation through paypal but unfortunately in India paypal doesn't allow donation as per govt. norm , as I don't want to charge anybody of anything, b'coz I feel knowledge is the right of every individual, but in order to grow my reach I would require some money, so if only you are benefited with the knowledge that I share than only donate and you can donate as low as possible :). Money is important but it's not everything.


Please feel free to ask your question through this blog or you can email me at luvkush4210@gmail.com, I will feel honoured to answer your question.

With Love

Sumit Bhattacharya

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