My Dear Friends, first thing first, I am not a qualified psychiatrist, I was just a patient who was suffering badly due to so called mental illness, the experiences that I have shared are my own and they are true, but still before making any changes to your diet do your homework pretty well, what I have achieved was not just a matter of few days but has been achieved over a long period of trial and error, what have suited me will suit to you as well, as water suits every human, so should food too, but the problem is that we cook food but not water, we have remembered the art of cooking but forgotten the science of cooking and the problem starts right there.

Secondly most of the pictures that I have shared on my blog are not that of mine, but instead they have been taken from Google images, if somebody has any objection of me using those images, kindly ask Google to remove those images from search and also send me a copy so that I can delete the same image in my blog if Google has deleted it from its search engine.

Thanks & Regards