Bull's sperm is for Cow & not human

My Lord with his favorite pet

As a Kid lot of the time I use to get assignment to write an essay on Cow in the exam so I use to mug up as much I was able to and write it in the exam. I never really felt the importance of cow in our life because all I use to find them doing is occupy the road and make the road dirty with their dung, and as with all the people I use to think concrete is beautiful. I use to look upon them as a curse to a clean and hygenic environment of my small town, but I was wrong.

All a cow need is grass to feed upon which doesn't need any special kind of treatment such as our crops do and what it give in return immunity against small pox, this is known to mankind but there might be other various significant immunity which cows being a stronger animal provides to human, it provide us with milk, which is actually for the calf only we should not feed that milk unprocessed in to any other animal as it is produced inside a cow, as bulls sperm is for cow and not for human as it is produced inside a bull, but this same milk can be processed to form curd, butter ghee, buttermilk, fermenting  dough in short its a complete Pharmaceutical Industry, you can also process it with boiled rice, dry fig in little large qty and not just one fig as the chemicals in them make the cow's milk suitable for human consumption, otherwise the same milk can cause schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, severe depression & Anxiety, Asthma, Spondylitis and multiple sclerosis etc which has been suppressed by the scientific community who want to earn huge profit by selling medicine for them, the waste it generate can be used as fuel and what is the input cost practically nothing only green grass.

The Ox or even bull can be even used in farming for plowing the ground reducing the load on human being.This is the reason that why a Cow is also referred to as Kamdhenu i.e. the one who fulfills all your desire, so the practice in India was to have a pet Cow, but unfortunately our insane love for west has brought a significant change in this practice and now we prefer to have dog in our house which practically does nothing but yes sometimes it may bite you, but Cow will never and the bull can even protect you better compare to Dog, But here again Dogs are also very good being moreover now a days it is hard to see ground or say even mud in city like Mumbai where the soil of the trees is also covered with concrete, why we people are so much scared from soil after all it is soil which gives us crops and fruits and even the flesh of animal who fed on these grass, this is not science this is height of insanity.

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