A being himself is his best friend

I have heard many people saying that he/she is my best friend and this is really a very interesting thing because this indicates that the person has really a very short memory because he/she must have said the same statement a plenty of times in his/her life but with different individual, but he still believes in other individual and its indeed a great art. Some say their Mother is their best friend they celebrate Mothers day, Fathers day bla bla and more bla, but most of the people who celebrated the mother or some other day with lot of enthusiasm will be the ones who will not be there to say farewell to their parents, some will say "my children's have exam so I have to be with my children" some will say "I can't get leave from my office, though I can come to perform a visit (Formal)" and somebody who are not good in making excuses will say "oh I can't see my parent in such a terrible pain so I can't stay for long" and this is a black truth.

There is a beautiful quote in Bhagwat Geeta as written below

बन्धुर आत्मात्मनस् तस्य येनात्मैवात्मना जितः 
अनात्मनस्तु शत्रुत्वे वर्तेतात्मैव शत्रुवत                 Chapter 6 Verse 6

The above statement means that "A person who has conquered his mind is himself his best friend and the person who has not is himself his worst enemy". It is indeed very truth. These statements are said to be made about 5000 years ago or may be even before that but they are still as blissful as they were ever and they always remain so blissful.

If you look at the the life of Shri Krishna his own uncle ( his mother's brother) tries to kill him, he was not able to marry his first love Radha but still he didn't hold any grudges in himself and he just continued to grow with a ever lasting smile on his face and not like angry young men of Hollywood or Bollywood