What Is Yoga

Just RELAX the Man in the above picture is not doing Yoga, he is doing some exercise and as he himself is a confused being, so he thinks it is Yoga. If Yoga is what he is doing then every gymnast in this world is a yogi. Most of the people who has clicked on this link must be good people because they want to bring change in their lives as they want to improve.

What happens in our lives is that from childhood we are taught the wrong things, but being told that this is the right thing, we are given eg. of Rich and the Famous and we are being taught to be either very Rich or be very Famous by giving eg. of somebodies life whom we have never met or met very few time.

Shri Krishna tells Shri Arjun to practice YOG at the battle field, so did Shri Krishna wanted Arjun to do a "head stand" in the battle field, hell no, yog is not stretching exercises which Baba Ramdev teaches or Yog is not anything tough, but rather as beautifully said by Shri Krishn "Samatv YOG Uchayate" i.e. a balance approach is called YOG, Shri Krishna tells Shri Arjun that it is very easy to practice; balance approach in everything, right from eating right (i.e. eating food which helps you feel energetic as well as feel happy in mind, which may include gluten free, casein free diet, diet with sea salt and not iodised salt, sugar in the form of jaggery rather than white sugar, meat, if you are non vegetarian then you could use ghee in your diet as we require animal fat in our body) to thinking right, balance may even include the medicine if you require it to feel healthy or feel pleasant in mind, but having medicine doesn't mean you can eat anything and everything, the whole aim is to feel pleasant physically as well as mentally

Thinking right comprises of the fact that you should not have in your mind extreme attachment, hatred, desire or anger for anyone, Shri Krishna further tells to Shri Arjun that thinking about something constantly, causes affection for those things, due to this affection we generate desire for those things, and when we have hurdles in the path of obtaining those desire we get anger, and anger make us loose our sanity which led to our own decline.

This doesn't mean that you should not have desire as Shri Krishn tell Shri Arjun to have a balance approach, but problem is that our mind is never empty its all the time thinks, it is good thing that your mind is thinking but anything extreme is not good, so atleast for sometime you should take a break, so how to slow down our mind for few mints in a day, this can be done by practicing Pranayam.

Now again Pranayam is not what Baba Ramdev teaches, they are just the steps to master the art of Pranayam. What is Pran, pran is the breath that you inhale, our body is so beautifully built that we don't even think about the most important aspect of our life i.e. breathing we never think about breathing it happens by itself, when your concentration will become subtle i.e. when you will be in a state of complete relaxation you can observe the breath you are inhaling. You can practice the art of Pranayam, but  Pranayam has significance only when you practice Yog, without Yog pranayam is useless, and again Yog is just the balance approach in life.

Bhagwat Geeta teaches lot of good things if you got time do read it, don't try to mug it, just get the feeling of it. :) Om

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