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Shiva , I feel he is enlightened Human

Indian Ancient Scripture has always fascinated me, it use to raise lot of question within me & the answer of which by my various elder family member never satisfied me.

India was the richest country in the world just 250 years back & for Some reason I think India is the country that has the richest source of everything, even after 2000 AD people come to India to seek spiritual enlightenment, Please don’t think I am rude but I question myself that why after 2000 years west can’t come even close to spiritual knowledge of India , also spirituality is something which is very subtle and very hard to understand & even harder to define & even more harder to make other people practice,  sustain for such a long period of time & protect the same in its original form. We assumed Indian history to be 5000 years old but recent extravagation at Indus valley has found human remains of around 10000 years & older might not exist now.

The entire concept of ancient Indian philosophy which we have tagged as “Hinduism” revolves around three Main God, “Shiva”, “Brahma” & “Vishnu”. In my childhood I always use to question their functioning as I never use to understand that why always devils pray the Brahma, but  both the devils as well as  the deities pray Shiva, & Vishnu is only prayed by deities.

With time I have got some insight in to it and I am sharing the same with you, some people may understand, some may not & for some it may help in creating a new insight which will be much better than that of mine.

"Shiva" is an character in the Hindu Scripture,  whose behavioral characteristic have been mentioned  as that of a very innocent & humble being who is very short tempered, he lives in isolation, away from all the beings, he is in the stage of human where the man is struggling hard to achieve the peace & enlightenment , he is on the search of truth, he lives on Himalayas as some of the saints do, his mind is compared to moon, as its denoted by the symbol of “half moon” over his head, possibly it denotes his intentions i.e. he is very gentle and he don’t have malevolent intention for anybody, his mind is as gentle  as moon .

As he lives in wild, he has a weapon called "Trishul" a sort of a spear with three points, it is specifically designed so as to slow down the momentum of animal attack such as leopard or a Tiger ( as single point spear will not be able to stop the momentum of big animals like Tiger), he has a small dumru (a small two headed drum) attached to the spear as the sound generated with the help of dumru can deceive the animal, he has a bull accompanying him showing that the bull and not the dog is man's best friend as the bull can come handy during animal attack due to its shear power, horn, its intelligence, non malevolent intent and  its herbivorous nature, also it can further attract cows which  gives milk to you.

His vocals has been represented as blue,  it must be a  denotation of  the poison in his vocals, it's the poison that is generated through the attrition between the two forces (The Good & The Bad as in scripture of “Samundra Manthan”) of thoughts as we often become abusive b’coz of tussel or say confusion in our mind, the diversity & the magnitude of our brain is compared to that of a Ocean i.e. Samundra in Sanskrit, lot of things are liberated in these tussels of thoughts in our brain, resulting in  something  good i.e. say useful or may be something bad, as mentioned in the anecdotes in ancient Indian scriptures.

He is in the initial stages of enlightenment, he has different perspective of the world i.e. called the third vision, a vision through his intellect and not mere through the  senses of his eyes, this third perspective of the world help him in burning all his desires denoted as Kamdev in ancient Indian text.

In the scriptures river Ganges is shown to be flowing through his head,  this Ganges can't be anything other than the flow of pure divine knowledge from his mind, consisting of Science & philosophy as stressed upon in "Bhagwat Geeta", as knowledge is always present in the universe, but Shiva is able to gather it, Shiva act as a carrier & transfer this knowledge to the masses in a form which could be understood by them, this knowledge is as pure as Ganges as we say in Hindi "Gyan Ki Ganga".

A snake is shown to be attached around his neck, if you consider the behaviour of an snake how it is, it doesn’t bite you unless and until you disturb it, but if disturbed it can even bite its caretaker, may be it is something similar to the state of a person who is in the stage of Shiva, he will not quote the poison of his words on you until & unless you disturb him, if you disturb him he gets angry very quickly & hence may say something which may hurt the other being.

Shiva as per my Understanding is a representation of a human being who is in a quest to come in peace. As per Hindu scripture both the devils as well as the Deities worship Shiva, this can be better understood as, that any person at a appropriate time of its life cycle can reach this stage, but if a person doesn't follow the philosophies of scripture than he will become a Bhasmasur a devil who become reason for his own destruction, as anger is not good for anybody , while the person if follow the teachings of scripture can proceed further to reach the stage of “Vishnu” another Character in Hindu Scripture which I have discussed in another post. Shiva is said to be the creator of Vishnu & Brahma this probably is b’coz of the fact that Shiva is the stage of human where he realises b’coz of his third eye the Presence of Vishnu as well as the presence of “Brahma” another character in Hindu scripture which I will discuss later.