Sex and The Desire

Bhagwat Geeta doesn't talk about sex, I know you will be disappointed but plz read on, it talks about desire, this is the beauty of Bhagwat Geeta it says many things in a few words, it talks about Kaam i.e. the desire, Shri krishna tells Arjun that beings are never satisfied b'coz of the never ending desires, for eg: even if your partner is the sexiest being and have lot of money, fame and even highly spiritual or say philosphical but you would still have the desire for someone else ( eg Hrithik and Suzane), he tells Shri Arjun that as Smokes cover up the fire and dust cover up a mirror similarly desires cover up the knowledge of a being ( that means they new how to prepare glass as he talks about mirror, don't look at the picture above concentrate on the writing plz). 

But this doesn't mean that a being should not have a desire at all, b'coz desire are necessary for our survival but we should not start worshiping our desire. For eg: One sex will always have attraction toward a opposite sex, it is natural but it has no end you can go on changing your partner everyday but after sometime nobody will trust you, your children will not respect you and you will not even be respected in the society, similarly money is required, it is necessary for our survival but we are never satisfied with it, the salary we are getting or the enumeration we are getting is never enough, similar things happen with fame, cars or beauty the desire never ends, we want to look beautiful, its good that you want to look beautiful, but plastic surgery, ok once a while but repeated surgeries, I don't think it can protect you from looking old.

This is the reason Shri Krishna ask Shri Arjun to practice Yog i.e. the art of balance approach, in everything right from thought process to eating and clothing, we have to dress as per the occasion, if you observe how Shri Krishna use to dress, you would see that he use to dress just like the Kings of that era as he himself became a King, he use to put a Peacock feather on his Crown, his entire life is a source of inspiration, he used to love Radha but was not able to marry her for some reason, but he stood by himself, his own uncle tries to Kill him, but he survived  he lived a King Life, he is my Hero.