Its Cool to be enlightened

Let me ask you one thing, what do you expect a enlightened human being to be, for instance do you like him to be like Sai baba he was born in 1900 century in India, so not way back only 100 or say 150 year old.

We expect them to move in a slow motion, having a light glowing over their head as if they are carrying a bulb along with them, be miraculous, don't have erection on seeing a sexy woman or vice verse i.e. they should completely ridicule the laws of nature, they should put fire on water, carry a mountain on his little finger, this is what we expect and many such things and this is the reason why we get these things from so called human incarnation of GOD, but why we expect something like this, is it not a miracle that you breathe, is it not a miracle that child grows or say birth of a child but we are ignorant we want more so we expect them to produce motichur ka ladoo or say an apple from air, is that our expectation of God, this can be done by a Magician too, this was the very reason why person like Shri Satya Sai baba made fool of our self.

This is the reason why Shrimad Bhagwat was crafted in such a beautiful manner by Shri Ved Vyas, because he knew it is not possible to make everyone understand the meaning of enlightened human, there is interesting anecdote in Mahabharata where Yasohda finds Shri Krishna eating soil she scold him and ask him to open his mouth, when he open his mouth she see the entire universe in his mouth, now you will say "that what god should be like", my dear friend this story was very cleverly planted by Shri Ved Vyasa, the universe which Yashodha sees in the mouth of Shri Krishna was nothing but actually the knowledge of the universe which comes from his mouth. Yashodha gets scared as any normal mother would be as she use to consider him her son and not a enlightened person, she thought might be her son is under the influence of some spirit, this what happens even today also.

We expect a enlightened person to be with grown up beard and hair like Jesus and wearing saffron colour or white colour Dhoti, was Shri Krishna or Shri Ram were really like that, you will now say yes, that though Shri Ram and Krishna not have grown up beard but they do use to have grown up hair and use to wear Dhoti, my dear friend that Dhoti and hair cut was style of that era, for instance what is happening in movies now Amitabh, Akshay and Sanjay Dutt act as a God in film and they are suited booted, and it is just 100 years of Indian cinema may be 5000 years down the line we will see that pictures of Akshay Kumar as Shri Krishna in the houses i.e. God wearing tie & suit.

Shri Krishna says that " My devotee will never be shattered or destroyed" so what we have translated this statement in to, that if you are a true devotee of Krishna than you can drink even poison and you will not die, take for eg: story of meera bai, my dear friend Shri Krishna continuously emphasizes on Science and Wisdom he repeated says during his conversation with Shri Arjun that "I will again repeat the Knowledge for you which comprises of Wisdom and Science", everything in this universe in governed by the principal of science, science is specific and wisdom is generalized, might be we are unaware of the science of something today but we will be aware of it in the coming years or say days, so something which is not defined today comes under the category of Wisdom. By virtue of this same wisdom a devotee of Krishn will not drink or eat poison by himself b'coz he will be quick witted and clever and this has been said by Shri Krishna himself in Bhagwat geeta.

Coming back to the point of Sai Baba people say that he was not an enlightened human but rather GOD with miraculous power, I use to ask myself that if he was having so much of miraculous power then why didn't he just puffed and scared away the Britishers. Do you have a answer. :) OM