Biggest Fool

If I have to ask you a very very simple trick to identify a fool among a bunch of people how will you do it, specially in a country like India, well it is very simple, I will give you an example.

I was listening to all India Radio where two renowned economist were answering to the question of a common man regarding economy, generally people in India have television, radio has a limited audience, the two renowned gentleman got a call from a person who said he belongs to so and so village, to my surprise those renowned intelligent or say super duper intelligent person started answering the call as well started conversation in English, they didn't even spoke a single word in Hindi. So how such super intelligent person reach such a high level in the office, the answer again is very simple, flaw in our education system as well as selection mechanism, which promotes the muggers rather than the curious or say passionate person.

Similar thing happen with me when I went to met an Doctor in a renowned hospital, he was talking in Hindi with junior level employees of his hospital but the moment I sat in front of him he started conversation in English and the moment he started conversation in English I realised that I have come to an fool and he proved me right. :)

Similarly I heard Aishwarya Rai Bachchan telling to a reporter " I feel so uncomfortable speaking in Hindi", she is earning her bread and butter and even Rolls Royce through Hindi speaking films how it could be that she don't know Hindi. If you can't give respect to your mother tongue how can you give respect to others, it is alright that we write in English b'coz of the flaw in our education system which instead of making Hindi as a medium and English as a subject has done a vice verse and b'coz of this I have not written a single page in Hindi after 1998, but we all know speaking Hindi if we are coming from a Hindi speaking state as we meet lot of person who don't know or don't speak in English.

Why this flaw is coming within us is that we want to improve, but we don't know what improvement is, we are confused individual, constantly looking at the outer world to attain equilibrium within us, equilibrium is nothing but the peace of mind, that equilibrium we think we can get by buying 45000 Rs Tab or buying 2 Million Rs Car or by being fluent in English, even person belonging to lower middle class income group families ae buying expensive smart phones to compete with their peers, English is just a language just like Hindi is, but we think that if we Know English we are intelligent or if someone speaks better English he/she is more intelligent.

English is definitely important in modern world but it should remain just as language for communicating with people who don't know your mother tongue, I went to Germany and people over there don't use English as much, very few people are able to converse properly in English, I became friend with a person who was able to converse in English, but he told me that his English is not too good, I told him that you are able to make me understand what you want to say and that is enough, English is a language, it is use for conversation and we are able to do it. :) Om

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