Peace Of Mind

I was talking to few passenger on a Journey in a train, one of the passenger said to me that if you visit so & so shrine you get a lot of peace within yourself when you close your eyes, I told him that he can realise the same peace within himself if he close his eyes for the same amount of time in his home. At home we don't have time to close our eyes, either we are watching TV or spending time on internet or on mobile, or gossiping, even if we close our eyes we think about some crap in our mind, the only time we close our eyes for peace is while we are sleeping.

In Bhagwat geeta Shri Krishn doesn't mention to Shri Arjun to go to so & so shrine in order to attain peace, Shri Krishn just tells him to practice Pranayam i.e. Dhyan in a quite place, as well as practice the "art of balance approach" i.e. Yog, which comprises of right eating to right thinking, the right eating doesn't only reflect on your body but it also reflect on your thought process.

Shri Krishna repeatedly tells Shri Arjun that there is no other thing in planet which can provide you peace of mind as well as wash you of all your sin as compare to true knowledge comprising of science and wisdom, this knowledge is actually the synonym of river Ganges which is shown to be flowing from the head of Shri Shiva (An enlightened Human).