How Yog / Pranayam/ Food helps to conquer depression

How Yog / Pranayam/ Food helps to conquer depression
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How Yog / Pranayam/ Food helps to conquer depression

In today's world of modern science we consider a person who feel depressed to be suffering from mental illness. What are the symptoms of a person who is feeling anxiety and depression? He/She feels suffocation, dry mouth, feels shaky, their body shivers, feels that his/her heart is shrinking, they cry, well these are exactly the symptoms which Shri Arjun mentions in "Bhagwat Geeta" in front of Shri Krishna, but unfortunately most of us don't learn from history.

Shri Krishna makes him understand his responsibilities and also make him understand that how he should develop his thought process so that he doesn't feel the pressure of  various relation or say various emotions by means of Yog. Along with all these things Shri Krishna also tells Shri Arjun to do Pranayam ( Meditation) and to have the right food, he assured Shri Arjun that if he follow these ritual which are actually very easy to follow and not as tough as the institutions of religions  make them to be, than he can conquer his depression and live a joyous life again.

Modern medical science has a word for describing depression that is called Chemical Imbalance and  in Ayurveda there is a word called "Vayu" which means air or say some kind of gas, now please don't go to any ayurvedic doctors because 99.9% of them are thugs similar to doctor of Modern Medical Science and the figure I am giving you is mathematically derived so no need to check on it  :)  .

The chemical imbalance which the doctors speak of is nothing but actually the air or gas, it may be little hard for you to imagine, but let it understand it in this way that our organs works with the help of the nutrient absorbed from food in our gut, so whatever the nutrients are secreted in our guts are transferred to our organ, similaly our brain needs continuous supply of many things in order to work, now suppose (just an eg) the pipe which was supplying your brain with water gets some air or gas trapped in it, then there will be fluctuation in the supply of water to your brain and hence it will affect the activity of your brain too.

Initially when I suffered from depression I was not having too much issues with digestion, I mean I use to have fart and it use to smell really bad, but I use to think I can't do much about it, but I had lot of issues with my emotions ( my initial symptoms ), medicine were able to reduce the intensity of depression and increase the time interval between the two episodes, but later on even after taking medication for depression I was unable to digest the food, there were issues related to bloating, acidity, cramps in stomach, legs, pain in eyes, hairfall,  medicine were increasing so were the different health issues. Now understand this when I stopped eating gluten i.e. I cut wheat, the other grain which I now prepare is pearl millet by Sourdough Method, also I apply a little bit of cultured ghee over 3 to 4 chapatis, now chapatis made of sourdough breaks easily in my stomach as they have already been broken by the micro organism, so the sourdough grain doesn't causes gases or bloating as it use to happen, secondly I have cut milk, coffee or tea with milk but I take curd, if you will observe milk when you heat it, it inflates as a ballon, it doesn't boil as water but it rises as a surface, but surface of curd is broken by the micro organism hence again curd is digested with ease in my guts without producing any gases.

Pulses or lintels which I eat are also a little sprouted, so again here also my little friends "the micro organism" reduces load on my stomach, secondly I switch to fresh vegetable diet every alternate day as well as I replace the grain flour after every 6th day with buckwheat flour or amaranth or water chestnut flour, so again I am cutting any extra load on my stomach, I add very less oil say about 1 teaspoon for two people in lentils, too little oil will give you hard time in your bowel movement while too much of oil will lead to less residence time of food in your stomach  :) , along with the vegetable oil in lentils, I am also applying little bit of ghee over chapati as ghee i.e. animal fat is requirement for our body.

Now comes the point of Pranayam, how it helps, frankly speaking I don't know the exact answer, but I will share my idea on it, some people will tell you about chakras and all this, but it is all nonsense, just relax no need to panic, it is helpful and that is for sure. Pranayam doesn't mean deep breathing, or inhaling more oxygen, your body knows how much oxygen it require, you don't have to think about it, but during pranayam our back should be straight and we should not be doing any other activity that includes putting tension on your any body part.  Now if you observe that it is during this position of your body when the neck is not bend or your back is not bend, some thoughts will strike your mind making you to loose your attention and not concentration, you don't need to concentrate but you should be alert you will divert your attention back on to your breath so you will be channelising your breath in a better way or say that you will be channelising the air which is wide spread in your body in a better way and hence will result in your better overall health. :) Om

I am not a Psychiatrist.