How to master Meditation Pranayam

How to master Meditation Pranayam
Pranayam is only one aspect out of the few others, in order to attain blissfulness

How to master Meditation Pranayam
Pranayam is made from two words first is Pran, now what is Pran? You can search for it on web and there are plenty of meaning for the same, but though they differ in meaning they don't differ by much, some say it is source of life and some says it is the respiration and some say it is just the breath that we inhale, this difference is due to the fact that sanskrit though was a popular language at one time, but it is also a sort of lost language today and also when we translate from one language to other language we sort of loose its actual meaning b'coz different people interpret the same thing in different ways.

Pranayam is one of the important step in the art of seeking blissfulness, some people try to complicate it by putting everything on pranayam, by saying by means of pranayam you can achieve moksha or achieve perfectly healthy body or will be free of all your miseries, but shri Krishna tells in Geeta that only by means of bhakti i.e. devotion you can get moksha, now what is bhakti, just repeating few sanskrit word is not bhakti, just enchanting names of god is not bhakti. Shri Krishna says that my best bhakt i.e. a devotee, is a person who understand me i.e. a "Gyani", and its eventually a seeker i.e. a "Gigyasu" i.e. who has the curiosity to know me ultimately becomes a "Gyani".

Now how to master the art of Pranayam. It is not a big deal but along with pranayam you will also have to practice yog i.e. balance eating, that means food that suit your stomach, your health as well as your mind, and balance thinking, excluding anything will make you miss all the buses, as most of the people know Pranayam means sitting straight, you can also sit on a chair if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable sitting on the ground but care should be taken that your legs don't hang in air rather they must be resting on the ground, also the surface of the chair on which you are sitting should be flat and not too fluffy, and if it is not cushioned, place a cloth on the chair and sit over it, now close your eyes but it should be little bit open, just don't move any of your parts other then the lungs which will move in order to respirate :), you will have to be alert while meditating.

Now some processes will be simultaneous, you will have to observe that non of your body part move or is under tension,  you shouldn't get lost in your own world of thought & even if you get lost in your own world the moment you remember that you are lost, you have to focus back on your eyes that they are open and not closed and your body i.e. your legs and hands are not tense or moving, your senses are in your control, this act will be repeated again and again the process of repeating the same act again again is nothing but remembering god, also when you will master this art you will start to focus on your breath automatically, b'coz even when you are not doing anything you are breathing, you will feel calm.

This act you should perform regularly and you shouldn't attempt to sit for a hour or two just give few minutes. Why this act has to performed regularly is because first few days when you will be doing this you will put extra effort but slowly things will change you will become casual, now each day will be different, some day you must have had a fight with your boss, or on some day you saw a sexy person of opposite sex, some day you will be annoyed with your colleague, so each day when you will meditate these thought will struck your mind and you might get lost in them and it will result in anger in you or maybe lust and at that point you have to relax your senses which ultimately will let to relaxation of your mind. 

You don't have to concentrate on your hand posture and all those stuff, only thing is that there should be less noise, you don't require to go to himalayas or under some banyan tree in a jungle, do it with ease in your own bedroom or drawing room wherever you feel comfortable. I hope I am able to explain it you, if anybody has any doubt they can ask me, here itself . :) Om

How to master Meditation Pranayam.