What Is Smritisagar ras ?

Tabular comparison of composition of Smritisgar Ras
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Warning :  Though this medicine along with Lithium Carbonate worked on me(My symptoms, My improvements), but the consistency of Ayurvedic Herbomineral medicine is very poor, Ayurvedic manufacture in India don’t follow any quality parameter regarding quality control of  Herbominerals, though lot of test have been mentioned on legal papers but there is massive corruption in Ayurveda, these herbomineral  include various chemical elements which are present in the minerals & heavy metals and if the reaction are not complete, the same medicine can cause havoc, also they are not safe to be taken with modern medicine, even the reputed companies in India don’t follow any quality standards with regard to Ayurveda Herbominerals Drugs, as knowledge regarding herbominerals is very scattered, which you will understand after reading this article. They fool the people as people are not aware, by saying Ayurveda is Completely Safe, even the qualified ayurvedic doctors are well aware about these loop wholes but still most of them will encourage you to take the modern medicine along with  herbominerals, but this can have adverse effects, even laws are very weak for taking any legal action on Ayurvedic manufacturers. In the below embedded video I explain how it helped me.

Remarks : I have provided this information so that a Constructive research can be done on a small 4 to 5 kg medicine made under standard condition & it should not be considered as medical advice .

Smritisagar Rasis a Herbomineral formulation which has been recommended in Ayurved for treatment of insanity, depression, epilepsy and weakness of the nervous system.

The exact time of its invention is not known as it’s an ancient preparation, with time various medical experts (Vaidya) of the ancient Indian kingdom has rewritten the original text, as per Indian constitution 54 Ayurvedic book has been recognised, out of this I have compared the four which are being manufactured by the 4 major Ayurvedic Pharma companies of India, in this you will find that the composition of Smritisagar  differ with each manufacturer b'coz of the different ancient text refer by them. .

But non of the above works for depression, only Smritisagar prepared as per Rasyog Sagar (Please look at the table above for composition) when taken along with Lithium Carbonate works for depression as Smritisagar by Rasyog sagar gives strength to my nervous system (as explained in the embedded video below) and lithium improves the flow of thoughts. I took this combo for 8 month, non of the two work alone on me, but poor quality standards of Ayurveda manufacturers is another big constraint over it use.

If I took Smritisagar Ras made as per ref. text book yogratnakar made by Dabur LTD or Kaleda LTD as per ref book Ra. Ta.Sa ( Used by manufacturer Kaleda Jaipur, I am not sure about the ref. text book of kaleda, if intersested plz ask in the market) along with Lithium carbonate, this combination causes tremendous anxiety, and it was almost impossible to control the anxiety, I will feel like killing myself right now right after 2 or 3 hrs of taking this combination, if I use Smritisagar made as per Ayurved Sarsangrah along with Lithium Carbonate it will not cause anxiety but it was not much effective, it will not stop my depression.

Smritisagar made as per yogratnakar 1 which is being manufacture by Dhoot Papeshwar made by feet and hand colds, also it cracked the skin of palms but I took it only once hence I am not very sure about whether it was responsible for the same, rest all I took around 10 to 15 times and all the time result were same.

In the above table you will observe the majority of the constituent in this medicine comprises of metal which are processed with certain herbs at a certain temperature to make them compatible with human body & we know that Lithium which has been acknowledged by modern science as an effective medicine for Bipolar is also a metal in fact common salt is  having Sodium which too is a metal & a highly reactive metal but still is very important for our body & if we can convert snake poison in to medicine than might be we can convert mercury too in to a medicine, as we have converted arsenic in to medicine only recently i.e. only in year 2000.

Now we talk about the significance of herbs in the preparation of herbominerals , herbal juices (eg: Pure Lemon Juice) or certain liquid media (eg: cow's urine) are poured gradually over the surface of hot metal during the preparation of these herbominerals. These herbal Juices (eg lemon) & certain liquid media ( eg: Cow’ Urine) must be having some definitive action on the surface of certain metals at a certain temperature, as these liquid media have been used very dominantly in ayurved and can be better understood with certain analogies :

1) When we add lemon juice to boiling milk, what happens? the milk disintegrate to form cheese, the   lemon juice breaks the structure of milk, to form another compound, this results due to certain chemical reactions and though milk is not digestible to certain person but cheese will be more digestible.

Now here I am again going to make an analogy, What happens to milk when he heat it ? it rises up, it is not like water, in which lot of bubbles start to form.  What happen to mercury when it is heated ? I am sure you must be knowing the principle of thermometer, it also rises up . I am not sure whether is it right to compare both the phenomenon, but just for a while forget everything that you have been taught so far & just remember what you have observed yourself , what I mean is think with fresh perspective.

Now take another case of the same substance being treated by other herbal juices or liquid media.

2) If the same quality of milk is boiled with Figs (Anjeer) what will happen? it will not disintegrate but it will become more digestable even to those who find hard to digest milk.

Similarly certain herbs have certain definitive action over certain metals at a certain temperature, but with time some writer have brought changes to the original book without keeping in mind this perspective of Ayurveda, hence same medicine when made as per different books don’t have the same effect, as in my case only Smritisagar Ras made as Rasyog Sagar Suit me when taken along with lithium but the Smritisagar Ras made as Per Ayurved Sarsangrah doesn’t suit me though both have the same mineral but they differ in terms of herbs use.

Consider Some other cases

3)Take the case of Dandruff, dandruff are basically dead skin patches over the scalp, which slowly detach itself with time or when we apply force, when we add lemon juice over it, the same process get fasten up, the structure of the dead skin breaks as it comes in contact with lemon juice and hence it detaches itself from the scalp with ease and hence removed from scalp as we wash our heads, but it comes back again if you have a chronic problem of dandruff & this phenomenon takes place at the room temperature you don't require high temperature.


4) Bipolar disorder patients are given lithium, is lithium safe if it’s taken as lithium? Lithium can't even exist in its original form. Is lithium hydroxide use for mental patient? No it can't be but Li2CO3 can be used, so if the same metal if processed in a different way its application changes similarly application of the heavy metal is highly valuable in ayurveda b’coz of the way these heavy metals are processed.

I firmly believe looking at the table that Lithium must have been a part of this  medicine but with time as various writers have removed one or the other metals from the original as evident from the table above, Lithium must also have removed due to some reason such as lack of understanding in identification or something like it.

 Lithium is obtained from the mineral Spodumene3,4 which is a form of Lithium aluminium inosilicate, in Ayurveda Abhrak bhasma (AB) made as per Ref Text: Ra.Ta. Dushmastaranga a herbo mineral preparation made from Mica which is a form of Potassium aluminium  phyllosilicate1,3,4 and was very useful in countering the side effects of Lamotrigine & Sodium Valproate such as cramps  in my legs, tiredness as well as my abdominal pain without causing any additional side effect, I took AB for 4 years, as my doctor in India didn’t consider the cramps in leg as well as the other side effect mentioned above  as a side effect but these are well recognised side effect by FDA1 , potassium is actually used by modern science as well for curing condition of cramps but that again has too many side effect in long term use but here I didn't had any.

 I am very sure that in ancient times they must have included an mineral of lithium also in the preparation of Smritisagar ras but with time it just got lost as you can observe in the table above that each writer has omitted some compound might be due to their unability to identify the mentioned compounds due to their geographical location or something similar.

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In This video I am talking about how this disorder affected physical attributes of personality and how an combination of smritisagar ras & Lithium Carbonate helped me out.

Please watch the video on Youtube as I have explained the poor manufacturing practices of one of The Major Ayurvedic Pharma Company in the description & the same is practiced by almost all the ayurvedic pharma companies.

I am not a professional psychiatrist. Please take professional advice.

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