There Is Hope But We Have to act

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There is a hope, a hope of living a completely normal life, on personal front I do have bouts of depression  & I know the same applies to most of my friends who are on medication for depression, of course the intensity is low due to the medicine but it does disturb, not only this but even small day to day activities are affected due to this disorder but healthy people never realise, the enthusiasm is lost, the energy is lost, recalling power is hampered & I feel lost within myself, not able to express myself even with my friends, but I have found a hope, a hope in the science, Ancient Medical Science of India referred as Ayurved in Sanskrit, an combination of Ayurvedic medicine Smritisagar Ras prepared as per Rasyog Sagar Textbook when taken along with Lithium Carbonate worked wonderfully for me for more than 14 months & I can’t live without med for than 3 to 4 days (My Symptoms , My Improvements ), but inconsitency in the quality of Ayurveda is a Hughe Problem.

I visited CCRAS (Central Council Research in Ayurveda Sciences) and AYUSH (Department of Ayurveda Yoga Unani Siddha Homeopathy) to discuss that how the combination of Ayurvedic medicine Smritisagar Ras prepared as per Rasyog Sagar Textbook when taken along with Lithium Carbonate worked wonderfully for me for more than 14 months but due to poor consistency of Smritisagar Ras I have to stop taking it, I also requested CCRAS that if they can do a preclinical & clinical trial for the same but they express their incompetency J.

The problem is that Ayurvedic drug manufacturer are not using any modern means to evaluate the purity of raw material, as they are pretty much confident that these herbominerals are good for nothing J, and some poor or hopeless person in Indian hughe population of 12 billion will try these medicine out, generating revenues for them, if I consider hopeless only & not poor to be around 10% it  will  round up to 1.2 billion i.e. almost 1/3rd of US population . This high level of confidence is due to the fact that today ancient knowledge of preparation of Ayurvedic medicine is very scattered, this you will learn in the article "What isSmritisagar Ras ?", the same medicine is being manufactured by different companies with different formulas but claiming to have same end result, the second reason of confidence is the corruption in Dept. Of AYUSH, they are well, infact very well aware of these irregularities but they are sitting mum.

These manufacture are literally serving slow poison, they are not measuring or say recording batch cycle time as well as not checking the composition of final product, to check the amount of free Mercury, Arsenic & many other compounds, if the raw material are not processed properly medicine can be harmful and its applies to all forms of medicines it’s a universal truth, the checking of composition of final product will hardly cost Rs 1000 or even lesser per batch but still the companies are not using the help of technology this is because AYUSH is sleeping, an government organisation on which Govt. of India spend Rs 1000 Crore each year,  and which is going to be increased by 7 to 9 folds in 12th year plan, where all the tax payer money is going. I am sorry to say but the officials of these organisations made me realise that no matter what happen they will not work, they are here to earn salaries & not to work.

Some of the major Ayurvedic companies are still following the manufacturing practices that they were following 100 years back, they have not changed even the type of furnaces, using modern day furnaces can help them not  only in maintaining proper temperature but also help them in recording the batch cycle time.

On further enquiry (Through RTI, no written reply given) through the various govt. organisation I found that Drug Inspector has not inspected any drug manufacturing plant in the last 4 years, as drug analyser has not been employed since last 4 years in Uttar Pradesh (An state in India) in that region, but as per rule a drug inspector has to do the inspection of a plant as well as collect the sample of drugs and send them for analysis at least twice in a year.When I highlighted this to senior officials of AYUSH instead of taking action they are busy blaming on one another (Details).

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