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Lee Eun-Ju South Korean actress, she committed suicide
Lee Eun-Ju South Korean actress, So pure

This innocent face actress left us at a young age of 24, you can read more about her I read that, her family blamed her nude scene responsible for her insomania, with full repect to the family, I would like to add that many of us had the problems of insomania but many of us have never done a nude scene, please  recognise the illness, lot of actresses give nude scene but not many suffer from depression & not everyone complete suicide.

 Paul Gascoigne, Suffering from Bipolar Disorder
Paul Gascoigne, Suffering from Bipolar Disorder
An little bit about him on

Raj Kiran An Bollywood Actor
Raj Kiran An Bollywood Actor

An Link to an article regarding Raj Kiran on Hindustan Times,

So Beautiful, Lucy Gordon
So Beautiful, Lucy Gordon

Her family should have given a better excuse,

Celebrities with mental illness, Praveen Babi, Schizophrenia
Praveen Babi: Schizophrenia 

An small article on Times Of India on Pravin Babi mental Health,

Park Yong, South Korean Celebrities suffering from Mental illnesses
Park Yong Ha S. Korean Actor

This cute looking boy left us at the age of 32, but unfortunately I am observing that government don't want the world to know that he was suffering from depression might be because of the fear that he might become an negative role model, this link suggest that he himself mentioned in his tweet that he is suffering from depression & insomania.

Marilyn Monroe

A biography of Marilyn monroe

Sinead O Connor; Manic Depression

An Small article on her Suicidal Thought

Lenon R Football Player
LenonR talking about his depression in the given link

Gary Speed

An article on suicide of Gary Speed Telegraph UK ,  his story gives an impression of a person who has complexes in his life which were never disclosed, these complexes are inborn and not developed due to circumstances, he was not having any monetary issues, was married since almost 14 years, have two sons & he never realised that some medical help may have helped him, this again gives me a strong reason that symptom of mental illness should be taught in school.

Melvyn Bragg

An Extremely good & honest interview of Mr. Melvyn Bragg on mental health,

Heath Ledger, Celebrities with Mental illness
Heath Ledger, An Oscar Nominee

 This handsome young man died at the young age of 28 due to drug overdose, he was earning millions, a promising actor, he talked in an interview about his insomania and racing thoughts in mind.

Kuljeet Randhawa, An Indian Model

 Irony is people say why odel Commit suicide but the truth is that when celebrity do it than only media raise the question of suicide, fact evry 40 Sec one suicide is committed thats the official figure, actual may be even higher.An news on Kuljeet Randhawa,

Kunal Singh, An Indian Actor

Kunal Singh, worked in one bollywood film, he was an actor in bhojpuri (Regional) films

Guru Dutt Bollywood Actor
Guru Dutt, An successful bollywood actor & director

Margaux Hemingway

Margaux hemingway,,20141773,00.html, reading this article you will found that the familiese generally don't want to acknowledge that their love one was suffering from depression, I think they fear being called a Son or Father or mother of an insane, they prefer to keep it a secret.

Phyllis Hyman

We lost her to bipolar,  money doesn't help

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