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  What is Depression ?
Depression is a general word in our vocab which many people use in day to day life resulting from one or other form of stresses, and it is very much I would say essential for the normal functioning of society as the fear of these stresses compel you to do better in life. It is like the sugar in our body, it is very much required by the body but only at right proportion, increase or decrease in the normal body sugar level can cause havoc in a person if not treated.

For some sugar levels are just minutely up or down and for some the magnitude is hughe.

Similarly for some unfortunate people the intensity of Depression is very different, not only in terms of intensity of magnitude but also in terms of the time span & the source of generation of depression.

The Cruel fact is that depression generally appears to be so real & so gradual that many can’t recognise that it’s might be a disease and not the person himself & I can say it pretty confidently that majority of the people take the extreme step of Suicide before recognising the problem.

Depression is generally categorized as.
1)   Unipolar Depression or Major Depression: This condition may last for life time and is   constant state of mind, again the intensity varies, some can cope without taking medication but some can’t.

2)   Bipolar Depression : Here the person have episode of depression or say sadness for a period of a week or two followed by normal time and then may have an episode of high energy, racing thought can strike which is called mania, again like every disease here also intensity varies in every individual.

3)   Borderline Personality Disorder : It is a lifelong condition which is developed around age of 18, it generally involves incapability of the individual to coordinate among his  emotion & hence regulate the same, I have discussed alot about this disorder in this blog, in this disorder not only the person feel tremendous depression but also faces condition like anxiety, anger and in fact all the emotions, here again the intensity among each individual is different, some might be relieved by counseling but for others medication is must along with counseling.

4)   Post  Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD):  it is different from the normal as it is not lifelong but may last for a period of few months as result of some traumatic condition, but here again not every individual who faces a traumatic condition will have PTSD but in some case it develops.

and the list doesn't end here, their are some other forms too.