My Experiences with Gluten Free & Casein Free diet


I was diagnosed by several doctors in India as a patient of Bipolar Disorder ( my symptoms) as I was unable to control my bouts of depression, anxiety and anger,.I use to feel as if my heart is shrinking and its going to implode, my hands use to become cold, after taking meds for a year or two my palms use to sweat heavily and doctors use to say cold palm and sweaty palm are normal things,  I was medicated for 12 years with medicine like Sodium Valproate , Lithium Carbonate, Olanzapine and even Lamotrigine and there side effects.

It is through Facebook that I came to knew about the benefits of GFCF diet and that day changed it all, I started experimenting  right from the first day, the effect were not very obvious initially, it took time I had depression attack right on 7thday of  stopping my medicine, along the way I discovered that it was not only wheat that was causing the problem but corn flour also cause the same problem , and in case of milk it is only milk in its raw form along with Tea & coffee that use to make me feel as if my heart is shrinking, milk if taken as curd, cheese or even probiotic ghee or butter don't cause the same problem of depression and anxiety. 

I have also observe that husk of fruits also cause the same problem of depression & anxiety, for eg husk of Apple causes depression as well as anger inside me, actually husk is not a food it is the stupid scientist who tell that husk increases the fiber content, for eg : do you eat mango pulp or eat mango husk or do you eat banana or Orange's husk.

I don’t feel any weakness due to these changes that I have made as I have replaced wheat with sorghum and pearl millet and I eat them by fermenting the dough with the help of 1/4 cup milk of normal cup size and a two teaspoon or 1 teaspoon of curd, and keep the dough for about 4 to 8 hrs for fermenting and then bake it as chapati, the milk added in the flour is again converted to curd. I also add a pinch of salt and jaggery to the flour before making it a dough, as by adding jaggery and salt the flour in itself become a food as we all know that ORS solution is prepared by adding sugar and salt hence the nutrients are better absorbed in the body.

The polished rice use to cause a problem for me as it use to make me feel sleepy, I have changed the polished rice with parboiled rice, believe me it taste far better, but please go for a little higher cost parboiled rice about 36 Rs/Kg, and it cost a lot cheaper than brown rice, cooked with ease as compared to brown rice. Similar problem i.e of feeling sleepy use to occur with me if I cook Lentils and legumes without soaking them in water, I prepare them by soaking it water for a period of about 8 to 10 hrs and than keep it to sprout for a period of 4 to 8 hrs, it doesn't have to be fully grown sprout, but this process will germinate seeds of life in lentils and legumes.

Most of you must be thinking oh its a lot of hard work, but believe me its not plus it saves lot of cost and makes you feel energetic and young. As beautifully said by Shri Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta that " This may taste you little bitter like poison in the start but it taste like honey later on while what you are doing now may taste like honey, but it will act as poison later on".

add various Indian spices to my diet like turmeric, zeera powder i.e. cumin seed powder , dhaniya powder i.e. coriander powder, chillies only a little, Bay leaf ( Tez pata), Black Cumin Seed, Fennel Seed, Asafoetida i.e Hing, Blacke pepper, and many others,  these are the common Indian herbs used for day to day cooking they have many medicinal values as well, also I don't cook the oil too hot on frying pan, the temp of the oil should be a little more than 100 deg C, if we cook it a higher temperature the quality of the oil deteriorates, the temperature of propane butane mixture flame is around 2000 degree Celsius, the melting point of  Aluminium is 600 degree Celsius, but the Anodised aluminium vessel melting point is around 2000 deg C , most of the heat is lost by radiation, convection and conduction losses to air, water etc, but the temperature is still high enough to overcook your food. I add almost two teaspoon for cooking food of two people, though occasionally I do deep frying. Please click on the link to know more about my way of  Cooking with oil.

I am now medicine free healthy and very confident.

This is an update to this page as 31/07/2018 .
Hello friends just want to tell you all that I am not yet medicine free my parents were adding medicine in my food without telling me when I stopped the medicine altogether by leaving away from my parent and adhering to gfcf diet though it was beneficial it did reduced the intensity by almost 99% but yet it could not produce the confidence in me and I liked to share it because I don't want to keep person in dark. Now I am running a cab business in Delhi under the name of 3S Cabs I hope if any of you come to delhi you will give us the opportunity to serve you.