Eating Habits How They May Help

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Eating Habits that may Help

I am a non vegetarian since my childhood, in my country if a person suffer from some sort of mental issues religious people tell not to eat non- veg food, but the reason that they use to give me never satisfied my mind & I continue to take non veg food but I realise that when I started loosing hope or say I was at my worst and suicidal thought use to struck my mind, if at that point I was served a Chicken meal, a thought use to strike my mind that what this world has lost in losing this chicken, my family & myself are enjoying it as a meal & similarly what this world will loose if I die, nothing ,& similar thought strike me again & again quite a few times whenever non veg was served to me & I felt that it is compelling me to take the action of committing suicide, hence I personally asked my family member not to give non veg in meal till I stabilize. Just wanted to share this so that it may prove helpful in certain cases.

I am not a professional psychiatrist. Please take professional advice.