Ayurveda & Borderline Personality Disorder

Spirituality, In sanskrit it's called Adhyatm i.e just to know ur  self, Keep it Simple

Borderline Personality Disorder is a disease that affects the emotional aspect of human being, 70 to 80 % people suffering from this disorder try to commit suicide and 10 % complete suicide(Source: NAMI ) and these data  are from those who were diagnosed, unfortunately many are never diagnosed, it haunts the patient with his past, mostly childhood.

In sanskrit past is called "Bhoot”, another ancient meaning of it is “all living being” as per its use in context of "Bhagwat Geeta", and the branch of Ayurveda that  use to handle any form of mental disorder is called BHOOT  VIDYA  with the help of suitable medicine, but this word has lost its original meaning & deteriorated with time.

As in the intermediate period due to lack of understanding word “Bhoot” is being considered as evil spirit, as person is absolutely normal and then suddenly he will feel unable to control the severe depression and anger, person don't want to be angry but he can't help himself and eventually he may act in rage & then start crying, not only this, person will also sometime loss control over his body movement (My Symptoms), for eg: I was TT Champ in my school, college, district but when I was playing my Finals in state I was not able to guide the ball to the place where I wanted, I felt like some external forces are acted on me, but actually it is something related to loss in control over self, due to some deficiency, this same feeling made the people in Intermediate era of India to term the disorder due to Spirits, they considered the term Bhoot as spirits, and will consider the patient to be under the influence of an evil spirit, as they can't sense anything else with their 5 senses and the person looks perfect in shape physically.

I also felt this lack of control over self  during driving my bike, no matter how hard I will try, I will drive the bike sometime so fast that I will myself be afraid, & will ask myself why I can’t drive this slowly,(reckless driving as per DSM 4), other than this I was also not able to write properly no matter how hard I try, my hand don’t use to tremble eventually I have to learn a totally different way of writing.

In short if I have to say than I would say that this disorder weakens the nervous system, but the intensity in each individual is different.

I am not a profeesional pyschiatrist, plz take professional help.

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