A Sense of How It is Like To be BPD

Click To Enlarge, I hope it gives you a Sense of what we have to deal with

 This comparision is when both individual feel bad on a very mundane comment,
(Assumption: Healthy individual intensity is considered 1, and is just an indicative)

It will differ from patient to patient, depending on the intensity as well as the environment. In case of healthy individual not only the intensity will be far less but it will not frequent.
The resident time of depression and anger are high and very hard to control while other emotional aspect such as anxiety is also disturbing but not to the extent of anger and depression and can be controlled as soon as subject is withdrawn from the environment, but again the reason for anxiety is also a governing factor, like the thought of studying in exam may haunt for long time, but anxiety during a social meeting will be gone as soon as the subject leaves the environment and reaches his/her home or say an isolated place.