Smritisagar Ras(By Rasyog Sagar Text) and Lithium Carbonate When Taken together ( Integrative Medicine)

I was able to write again with normal grip (tripod grip) in 2010 after taking smritisagar ( made as per Rasyog Sagar) for 5 days


Warning : Though the combination worked on me, but the consistency of Ayurvedic Herbomineral medicine is very poor, Ayurvedic manufacture don’t follow any quality parameter regarding quality control of  Herbominerals, these include various chemical elements which are present in the minerals & heavy metals and if the reaction are not complete, the same medicine can cause havoc, even the reputed companies in India don’t follow any quality standards with regard to Ayurveda Herbominerals Drugs, They fool the people as people are not aware, by saying Ayurveda is Safe, even laws are very weak for taking any legal action on Ayurvedic manufacturers. In the below embedded video I explain how it helped me. 

Remarks : This informaton I have provided so that a Constructive research can be done. Only the Combination works, alone they are not much effective.

1)      It helps in eliminating depression, anger as well as social anxiety also this combnation acts very fast   on me while modern day medicine alone take around 18 to 24 months to normalise, this combination takes 10 to 15 days, in this Lithium takes time while smritisagar starts working within an hour.

2)      Improved Curiosity, as well as concenration.

3)      Smritisagar ras  acts very fast on my depression, while modern day med take  18 to 24 month to stabilise , smritisagar use to act within 30 mint. to 1 hour.

4)      Helped in becoming extrovert and gutsy, modern medicine though helpfuly only reduce the intensity but are not able to remove the anxiety, this anxiety later become the so called "Stigma" this combination removes the stigma, it remove the timidness in me.

5)      Improved my Hand Eye coordination, increase my capability to speak out what I am thinking in    my mind. It improved coordination among my senses. It improved my control over my body as I was not able to write properly with the onset of my mental illness, but Smritisagar ras made me write again normally.

6)      Have better control over my thought process.

7)      High sense of humour.

8)      Better  ability of what to speak, when to speak and how to speak.

9)      Don’t  feel tired and exhausted on speaking in loud voice.

10)  This combination use to make me feel alert.