SmritiSagar Ras as Per Rasyog Sagar on Borderline Disorder / Bipolar Disorder in India

Lack Of concern Regarding quality can be observed in packaging also

Effect of Smritisagar Ras when taken alone.

1)            It is not very affective when taken alone.

2)            I will feel very anxious all the time If I take it alone.

3)            If taken alone though I will not shrink in to depression but if I feel bad if somebody says something bad to me then that feeling will not go quickly.

4)            Similarly if I get angry then the feeling of anger will not go quickly, though thought will not come again and again, like it is if I m not taking Smritisagar Ras.

5)            Lithium reduces the residence time of anger and sadness in my mind, but it is also not sufficient when taken alone, only the combination works alone both are not much effective.