Lithium, How it Helps

Lithium alone:
1)      Lithium Carbonate(400mg) extended release alone was never working for me, immediately after stopping Smritisagar ras for 2 to 3 days I will feel shrinking in  to depression and which is very obviously recognized by me.
2)      But it is very essential as it improves my sense of humour when taken along with Valence Od, Lamotrigine or  Smritisagar Ras, as well as as speaking ability, but it was not able to control depression, or say it doesn’t use to give strength to my nerves, but it improves flow of thought.

Stucking of Thought:
1)      It is generally thought from the past, generally some incidents which involve bullying or bad treatment from care takers in childhood, this type of thought will suddenly come and will not go. I have to explain to myself again & again that it is past and you should now move on. It will remain  for 4 to 8 hours.
2)      This problem was totally eliminated by Smritisagar Ras by Rasyog Sagar Text.
Poor Quality Standards Of Ayurveda