Characterstic Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Characterstic Of Borderline Personality Disorder
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Characterstic Of Borderline Personality Disorder, Some example of emotional responses of BPD :


Anger/depression : A healthy subject may not feel angry/depressed on some very mundane comments of their closed once, but bpd will find it difficult to control his anger/depression, he himself is aware that it was pretty small thing & will try to explain himself, but he will fail to regulate it, he himself want to calm down & another part of him will tell him to be violent, he will be in a constant tussel inside his mind. This phenomenon is termed as splitting in case of a BPD.

Fear : When this disorder is at its worst, A normal person if had a thought that there could be a theft in his house, he could control his fear, bpd will be unable, thoughts will generally be about something which is related to him but in case of schizophrenia it is totally different fear can be about something which is not at all related to him like a cowboy thinking US president is planning to kill him, but in bpd it may be a thought of theft in his house, this thought will stick to him, he will try to make himself understand but will fail, fear again can have different aspect such as losing his/her loved once to somebody else.

Anxiety: A healthy subject may control his anxiety about the uncertainties that can arise in his meeting with his boss, but borderline will panic.
Boredom: Even a healthy subject feels boredom, but person with bpd when experiences the same its intensity is higher, he/she may be confused that even though they have everything eg; loving family, good job, but still I am not happy.
Suspicious: A healthy subject may control their feelings about their spouse meeting their friend, but borderline will panic as this thought will stick to him.
Creativity/innovative: Person with this disorder are creative when the scale of intensity reduces to a level with the help of medication, where they can somehow just manage to live their lives, for e.g.: If there is a issue in their production site, this problem will stick in the thought process of bpd person and he/she will give a very innovative solution, also these people are very spiritual rather than religious.
Suicidal Thought:  Person with this disorder may have higher urge to die initially rather than say commit suicide. For eg: These people when on road may initially think of heavy vehicle striking them, or say if on plane they may pray that the plane should crash, this is b’coz they don’t want to live but they are frightened to kill themselves. If a person is having regular such kind of thought he/she might be a patient of any form of depression.

Well this video also help in stating what we go through to an extent, but it is not 100 % correct.