Use Flower instead of Gas freshners

We have been brainwashed to such an extent that in today's era we don't want to use plant which have their own natural smells like Rajniganda ( Polianthes tuberosa) , Chameli ( Jasmine) and others flower plants which can fill our house with natural fresh harmless air with good smell but instead we use air fresheners marketed by corporates, which are nothing but filled with LPG gas, as LPG don't have any of its own smell some further gas is added, planting Jasmine don't cost much all you have to do is add some water and some manure from time to time which don't cost as much as these air fresheners cost.

These same flowers can also be used during your bath so that you will smell pretty good, we do exactly the same thing when we go to a spa, but unfortunately we have become highly literate but uneducated people who have forgotten the basics of our life.

We can also change our perfumed soap with reetha (soap nuts) which is a natural soap and its tree gives lots of fruit, so one tree for a building of 20 families will be good enough in case of emergency you should plant an extra reetha tree in your campus and the same reetha can also be used to wash your cloth. Perfumed soaps are known to cause some high allergic reaction to some individuals. Corporates are playing with our desire our desire to look Good our desire to Smell good, and there is nothing wrong with your desire, but to become blindfolded is something to worry about. Chemicals are everywhere even water is Dihydrogen Oxide, but we can't drink water prepared in laboratory.. We have to understand that we should not cross the "Lakshman Rekha".

How Food affect Us: Bhagwad Geeta

Satvik Food is Tasty Food

We the human have been made to believe that say about 200 gm of food that we eat during a day doesn't affect us much, hence we should always rely on supplement and our celebrities endorse these products too such as, a 1o mg of Revital can do wonder for you and you should eat anything and everything and after that you can have gelusil or digene, food affects everything we do, right from our thinking process, to our physical health and our agility, our body can give output only if it has right input. Shri Krishna has beautifully explained in geeta about the same.

Rajsic Food 

Food that is too sour, too much bitter ( it includes neem leaves, whisky and anything i.e. is bitter as they are only good as a medicine, not as a food) , too much salty, too much spicy and overcooked i.e. cooked at a very high temperature and hence looks char, too dry i.e. without any juice are dear to the ones who are under the influence of Rajsic Guna, such food causes sorrow, chaos and disease in ones life. Chapter 17 Verse 9

Eating chapati and bread alone with Jam also come  under this category , why ? Because our body is a brilliant piece of machine better than any Honda Robot, but still everything has a limit, when we feed a loaf of bread which is not having any butter or ghee applied over it our digestive system will not be able to release  the energy from the food as there will be no fuel such as ghee or oil to burn the food, hence we will not be feeling energetic as we know energy is liberated only if we had a combustion of a fuel.

The salt and some form of sugar should also be present in the food as our body absorb the nutrients when it is in the form of combination of salt and sugar, this is the reason that ORS solution are given to patients to make them feel energetic quickly.

Tamsic Food

Food that is half cooked, without any taste, which have a foul smell, stale food and left over of others ( i.e. having saliva of other being) and which have spoiled (due to some reason such as contaminated with cockroaches or any other insect or bacteria) are the food which are prefered by the person who is under tamsic influence. Chapter 17 verse 10 Bhagwad Geeta

Satvik Food

Food that increases a person's age, intellect, strength, immunity, and brings cheerfulness and provide a stable heart which ultimately provides a stable mind should have following characteristics: it should be juicy i.e it should have five taste i.e. Sweet, Salty , bitter,pungent i.e. chili, Sour i.e. something like imli, it should be lubricious i.e. it should have animal fat like ghee or vegetable oil, it should reside in the body for some time (i.e. fibrous ), and it should be acceptable to the body (i.e. it should not cause nausea, dandruff, hair fall bloating, depression, maniac or make you feel shaky etc) & this type of food are preferred by person who are Satvik (i.e. a True Gentleman). Chapter 17 Verse 8   

Here Juicy also implies that the grain should develop some of it own natural juice b'coz flour such as wheat, sorghum or any other are basically kept in storage for long time, for them to be kept in storage for such a long time it is required to keep them dry, hence they doesn't spoil quickly by the microorganism present in air, to make them acceptable to our body we should inhibit life in the flour by fermenting the flours with the help of curd, salt and milk hence generating a natural juice in them and sprouting the pulses.

Mythology Or History

Shri Ram  a key Historic figure or you can say mythology

If I am a dictator what would I do to make the people of the country which I conquer my slave : destroy its history, destroy its education system which teaches about good eating habits which can make them strong, teach them only what I want them to know, make them believe that they are born to be my slave, make them believe that our breed is superior to them, so as to reduce their potential, so that even my fore childrens can rule them.

Because without education, a human is only as bigger threat to the King as bigger threat is a Chimpanzee.

This is what Mughals and Britishers did to India, we don't have any historical record of such a great civilization.

When I was young by age but old from mind I use to think we Indians are born to be slave as all I use to see is our PM and our leaders reading their speeches like school boys, instead of expressing their natural instinct about the nation, our athletes performing poorly in olympics. Our engineers & MBAs who don't have the dare to start their own businesses.

Moreover our past which teaches us that we were slaved by Mughals for 400 years ( huge time) and then by Britishers for 200 years.

And our "Chalta hai" attitude, I use to think it is in our genes, we are born to be slave, as I too when grew older started having "chalta hai" attitude.

I use to wonder why our Army or Airforce or Navy didn't have a revolt or say coup even after loads of Young Men dies due to poor maintenance of our Fighter aircraft, poor quality artillery and submarines, their families are not given petrol pumps which the govt promises if a Jawan dies in battle field, I use to think that we are born to be slave.

But Now when I have read +Bhagwad Geeta   and understood that how wrong eating habits have made us the slave, I am sure that the day is not far away that we be the King of this world, it will take time but it will happen for sure.

Because our ancestor such as Ram, Krishna, Ved Vyasa and others were smart enough to pass on the secrets of our histories in the form of +BedtimeStories   which our grandparents or parents tells to childrens, one or the other of these children will definitely crack the code, if not us than somebody else would definitely. I am damn sure

Indian Education system

Here I will not talk about the present education system which was a very precious gift by the britishers to India as the Indians generally believes but I will talk about the education system which the Indian believed is of no use in day to day practical life.

Thomas Babington Macaulay is said to be the introducer of modern Indian education system, his miutes in British parliament were as:

"I have conversed both here and at home with men distinguished by their proficiency in the Eastern tongues. .... I have never found one among them who could deny that a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia".

He further added 

"We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect". This is what Macualay was successfully able to do, brainwashed us.

Do you know it took Macaulay how much time to reach to this conclusion only 4 years, the 4 years he spend his time in India this super genius who was not aware about Indian history and langauge concluded that Indian scripture were good for nothing, So I being familiar to both English and Indian culture for more than 32 years of my life can declare it safely that he was hell wrong.

Lets talk about Medical Science and Chemical Engineering. Ayurveda the ancient medical science of India has developed many medicines, they i.e. the ancient Indians have used almost everything that is available in nature to form medicine, they have used Mercury to Arsenic in the medicines, they have mentioned the use of pure mercury, pure Arsenic, pure Chalcopyrite and almost all the metal know to modern world, these are not present in the nature in pure form, they are present only as a ore for eg : Mercury is available in nature as HgS i.e. mercury sulfide, so they knew the method of distillation to extract mercury from HgS, the mercury was than further treated with herbs to do the shudhikaran of mercury so that it is absorbed by the human body easily, but unfortunately we have only half the literature available to us now, where are the remaining literature nobody knows. The britishers created medicine and got patent earning them good money and we all know that it bloomed right after their victory in India. They have ruled us for 200 years, India got Independence just 67 years back, so just imagine how much time they had to manipulate our history. Today majority of Indian thinks we are developed because of britishers.

The knowledge of ores shows that the ancient Indians were also aware about the mines of various metals and they were also aware about how to extract ore from those mine, and who can forget the Architecture of Taj mahal and the rest, is it possible to create such a monument which has handled the wrath of time without any scientific Knowledge. Aurangzeb was the richest person in his era, the largest diamond mine at that time was under his captivity and with such a dominance that the britishers, french and the portugese were scared of him, today we highlight Aurangzeb in a negative shed but the truth is that this guy Aurangzeb when captured Shivaji treated Shivaji as a King and kept him in a palace though as a prisoner.

Forget about minerals and metals people looking at discovery channels think that if white people were not there we would never have experienced the wild life or say we would never have seen such devlopment, well those negligent people don't know that western world is still not fully aware about the medicinal properties of many of the herbal plants, they will still search for medicinal properties of turmeric and other herbs in the laboratory, they don't know how to use garam masala, dhaniya powder, onion, ginger and garlic to increase the taste of the food and their medicinal importance in daily food. So they don't know the science of cooking and we don't know that we knew the science of cooking at some point of time.

Might be britishers were able to destroy science & some other important education of India succesfully but unfortunately britishers didn't realized that the scriptures which they termed as mythology and thought that they are good for nothing were actually hidden matrix within literature, they can destroy our literature of science but they can't kill these literature which was and is  present in each and every household of India, inside the mind of each and every Indians and person who have ever been to India, these anecdotal stories which the britishers thought are good for nothing still attracts large number of tourist from western and other part of world to India.

Our ancestors worshiped everything that the mother nature has given us the whole objective of it was to respect the power of water, air, Sun, Moon and other things without which any life in this world is not possible and today some stupid scientist claims to cover the moon with more reflective substance so that the problem of light in the night will be solved infact in +Bhagwad Geeta Shri Krishna beautifully explain to Arjun that the rays of Moon are very important to generate the medicinal properties in plant and it was written thousands of year earlier.

Rajiv Dixit on Indian Education System and Macaulay, he points some very key point

Bull's sperm is for Cow & not human

My Lord with his favorite pet

As a Kid lot of the time I use to get assignment to write an essay on Cow in the exam so I use to mug up as much I was able to and write it in the exam. I never really felt the importance of cow in our life because all I use to find them doing is occupy the road and make the road dirty with their dung, and as with all the people I use to think concrete is beautiful. I use to look upon them as a curse to a clean and hygenic environment of my small town, but I was wrong.

All a cow need is grass to feed upon which doesn't need any special kind of treatment such as our crops do and what it give in return immunity against small pox, this is known to mankind but there might be other various significant immunity which cows being a stronger animal provides to human, it provide us with milk, which is actually for the calf only we should not feed that milk unprocessed in to any other animal as it is produced inside a cow, as bulls sperm is for cow and not for human as it is produced inside a bull, but this same milk can be processed to form curd, butter ghee, buttermilk, fermenting  dough in short its a complete Pharmaceutical Industry, you can also process it with boiled rice, dry fig in little large qty and not just one fig as the chemicals in them make the cow's milk suitable for human consumption, otherwise the same milk can cause schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, severe depression & Anxiety, Asthma, Spondylitis and multiple sclerosis etc which has been suppressed by the scientific community who want to earn huge profit by selling medicine for them, the waste it generate can be used as fuel and what is the input cost practically nothing only green grass.

The Ox or even bull can be even used in farming for plowing the ground reducing the load on human being.This is the reason that why a Cow is also referred to as Kamdhenu i.e. the one who fulfills all your desire, so the practice in India was to have a pet Cow, but unfortunately our insane love for west has brought a significant change in this practice and now we prefer to have dog in our house which practically does nothing but yes sometimes it may bite you, but Cow will never and the bull can even protect you better compare to Dog, But here again Dogs are also very good being moreover now a days it is hard to see ground or say even mud in city like Mumbai where the soil of the trees is also covered with concrete, why we people are so much scared from soil after all it is soil which gives us crops and fruits and even the flesh of animal who fed on these grass, this is not science this is height of insanity.

A True Devotee

चतुर्विधा भजन्ते मां जनाः सुकृतिनो अर्जुन 
आर्तो जिज्ञासुर अर्थार्थी ज्ञानी च भारतषर्भ  Chapter 7 verse 16

In the above verse Shri Krishna tells Arjun that there are four kind of devotee who worships me. A person who all the time ask for some or the other thing such as wealth, or fulfillment of other desire, the one who worships me only at a time of distress such as tremendous monetary loss or deteriorating health, the one who want to know me through books and observation of the nature and the one knows me as I am i.e. the one who remembers me all the time in the form of my teachings as he knows i.e. understands me very well.

Shri Krishna further adds that out of all the four the one who knows me is my favourite, as he is just my form, there is no difference between him and me, than he further clarifies that I am Arjun among the Pandavas, I am Ved Vyas among all the knowledgeable and I am the Ram among Aryans this means that all the people he mentioned are equivalent to him in terms of Knowledge.

Further Shri Krishna tells Arjun that

न  कर्तृत्वं न  कर्माणि लोकस्य सृजति प्रभुः 
न कर्मफल संयोगं स्वभावस्तु प्रवर्तते   Chapter 5 Verse 14

Here Shri Krishna beautifully describes to Arjun regarding what is the role of all mighty in an individual's life, he says that neither I do anything neither I make the being to do anything and I don't even create an opportunity so that some thing happens but rather things happen due to personal habits as well guna ( properties) of the being. For eg : All Top order Batsman are usually better than the bowler due to habit of continuously practicing batting but some batsman eg Sachin or Sehwag or take any batsman of your choice are better than the other due to properties such as hand eye coordination and muscles power, timing or placing the ball and etc, but people think that Sachin Tendulkar is lucky, and I know some of you will argue that he is lucky to have these guna, but I will say it is just a chance and not luck.

In the very next verse he says

नादत्ते कस्यचित् पापं न चैव सुकृतं विभुः 
अज्ञानेनावृतं ज्ञानं तेन मुह्यन्ति जन्तवः Chapter 5 verse 15

The above shloka is said, to understand that the almighty is not bothered about the sins that you have committed take for eg: all the US president so far( they have done loads of crime) or all the leaders of political parties of India who have accumulated lots of money of poor, they live their life, grow old and die, neither he is pleased about the good work you have done,  recall anyone in your life, at least some of the people who died in Kedarnath temple cloud burst must have been very nice individual or the innocent kid who have give lots of happiness to his/her parents is killed by cancer, but due to ignorance, people are deluded in to this myth.

The above shloka can also be understood with the help of eg of Samrat Ashok or Angulimal who have killed lots of innocent people, but when both of them wanted to improve they were welcomed under a spiritual umbrella, a umbrella for self awareness.

A being himself is his best friend

I have heard many people saying that he/she is my best friend and this is really a very interesting thing because this indicates that the person has really a very short memory because he/she must have said the same statement a plenty of times in his/her life but with different individual, but he still believes in other individual and its indeed a great art. Some say their Mother is their best friend they celebrate Mothers day, Fathers day bla bla and more bla, but most of the people who celebrated the mother or some other day with lot of enthusiasm will be the ones who will not be there to say farewell to their parents, some will say "my children's have exam so I have to be with my children" some will say "I can't get leave from my office, though I can come to perform a visit (Formal)" and somebody who are not good in making excuses will say "oh I can't see my parent in such a terrible pain so I can't stay for long" and this is a black truth.

There is a beautiful quote in Bhagwat Geeta as written below

बन्धुर आत्मात्मनस् तस्य येनात्मैवात्मना जितः 
अनात्मनस्तु शत्रुत्वे वर्तेतात्मैव शत्रुवत                 Chapter 6 Verse 6

The above statement means that "A person who has conquered his mind is himself his best friend and the person who has not is himself his worst enemy". It is indeed very truth. These statements are said to be made about 5000 years ago or may be even before that but they are still as blissful as they were ever and they always remain so blissful.

If you look at the the life of Shri Krishna his own uncle ( his mother's brother) tries to kill him, he was not able to marry his first love Radha but still he didn't hold any grudges in himself and he just continued to grow with a ever lasting smile on his face and not like angry young men of Hollywood or Bollywood 

Advantages of doing yogasan

A beautiful Gymnast

In today's commercialized world every thing has been commercialized right from food, to house and everything that is related to our day to day survival, there is absolutely nothing wrong in commercialization, commercialization has made our life easier and meaningful, but commercialization to the point of insanity is something to really worry about.

Commercialization has affected our exercise regime too, today we have gym everywhere charging heavily and so do we have yoga classes, they will frighten you by saying yoga or exercises should not be done in absence of a Guru (corporate guru) all of them are scared of the books and DVDs available in the market, or TV shows showing various asanas more importantly and rather say unfortunately yoga classes have become more of classes for gymnastic rather than Yogasan.

Difference between Yogasan and  Gym or Gymnast is that Yogasan can be done by 3 year old child to a 100 year old man, but it will be totally wrong to say that this is the only difference. Yogasan means balance in the approach of various posture of the body, the aim of the person doing Yogasan should not be to have muscles and it should not be ability to bend like rubber rather it is about using your own body weight to stretch your body, which will in turn stretch your veins, your muscles, your bones, you will breath a little faster hence your lungs will be exercised, to compensate for your breath your heart will beat faster so your blood will rush through your veins hence your kidneys will have to work a little extra and the list just goes on, various internal organs will be exercised but all this will not be coming as a shock to the body as we have just made a little effort, and not the effort of sort of body builder or gymnast. Gymnast and Bodybuilding are good only at young ages. So Yogasan is not only about breathing heavily in order to get oxygen, if your ownly concern is stretching as much as you can then you should immediately realise that you are doing Gymnastic and not Yogasan.

We the being are outcome of various input which ranges from air we breathe which consist of Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2 and various other gases to water we drink, to the food that we eat.

Unfortunately we are being made to believe that only Modern Medicine are cure to all our problem, Ayurveda is cure to all our problem or Yogasan. Which is not the case, the problem is that our ruler are presently devils, the day we will have King like Ram we will realise how rich our culture was and is.